Pure Scans Closing

Pure Scans is closed due to conflicts of opinion. All series are dropped. If my word means anything at all, please obey the following:

Opposed will do Ore no Imouto and China Girl c3 (only)
BWYS and Shinnen will continue Peony Pavilion
BWYS will continue Otome Youkai Zakuro and No One Knows
Kono-Basho should take over Crime Edge
Maigo will likely take over Wa
itadakimasu~ will continue Zombie Romanticism


Zombie Romanticism v1c3

Zombie Romanticism v1c3

As always, joint with itadakimasu~. We're almost done with this arc. As Macu mentions, the rest of the story is oneshots.

I need more translators and cleaners, and a QCer (visual and textual) wouldn't hurt either.


Otome Youkai Zakuro v1c1

Otome Youkai Zakuro v1c1:

New series. Joint with bwys. Not much else to say. It's supposedly seinen, but there are definitely shoujo influences if you're not into that.

Quick shoutout: bwys is looking for QCers. I'm looking for cleaners and translators.


China Girl v1c2

China Girl v1c2

There were delays. Deal with it.

Looking for QCers and translators for series that do not begin with Ore no Imout-.

In other news, the ever-lovely Chara has redesigned the blog layout. Looks nice, yes?


Wa! v1c7

Wa! v1c7

Hello everyone! I took over editing Wa! on chapter 6. I'm still learning, so Panda beats me and yells at me regularly so feel free to do the same.

A lot of people worked on this release - probably more than I remember, but just check out the credits. Also - special thanks to scrubb for some last minute translation/translation checking for me! I hope you all enjoy the chapter! Yoroshiku!

Panda's note: I need translators and editors stat. Other proofers and QCers wouldn't hurt either.


Peony Pavilion v1c4

Peony Pavilion v1c4:
Ah Jing


Lalala~ Peony~ ♥ Another chapter of the pwetty pwetty series is getting released~! ♥ Any and all delays are probably my fault *coughs and hides*

Go hug Panda, Chara, and...just all the people who worked hard on it~ And remember to bring the cookies.

Since Panda's making me post, I'm taking that as allowing me to rant about the pwettiness of Peony. It has gorgeous art. Beautiful poetry that sadly lost most of its art during translations. Full-colour. HISTORICAL. So download and read already... Don't just ignore it and get the other series. Peony's a beauty, feast for the eyes. Read it *sends waves*

...I think Panda made me do this to make me go back to Peony. o.o Evil points +5

Peony is pretty. Xia Da is awesome. ♥


Peony Pavilion v1c3

Peony Pavilion v1c3:


Ah, Peony Pavilion. Xia Da, I think I love you...

Credit goes to the usual suspects: blazing_ice of Shinnen and Flyer for the translation and Chara of bwys for both the cleaning and typesetting. Matsuri has joined us on this project to QC, so I'd also like to thank her and Macurai of itadakimasu~ for their help.

Both previous chapters have also been updated with Matsuri's grammatical expertise. Grab these new versions either via DDL in the old newsposts or on IRC.


China Girl v1c1

China Girl v1c1

New and improved with more dosetsu than the next leading competitor. Oh and more delicious scrubb flow, whatever that means.

Still accepting staff and cash.


Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c8

Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c8

Final chapter of Delicious Thighs for the first volume!

I've already pre-ordered the next volume, set to come out on August 27th. You should see a new chapter of Ore soon after that (do give it time to arrive from Japan though).

Questions about how Pure will react to recent events should be directed toward me on our IRC channel. Oh, and we're still recruiting. And donations would be appreciated, seeing as how I've just spent another 50USD or so on tanks.


Wa! v1c6

Wa! v1c6


Too tired to write a post. Recruiting. Read No One Knows. Matsuri is awesome. So is ame. And mflatischler (whose name I spelled wrong thrice). I probably forgot someone and simply don't care at this point.


No One Knows v1c1

No One Knows
~What Confucius did not speak of~

v01c01: Cocoon


I am extremely pleased to present to you another of Xia Da's projects, No One Knows ~What Confucius did not speak of~.

This is a joint with bwys: lovely editing from Chara and scanning from Maris. I also want to thank blazing_ice for more wonderful translations and to Elkin for standardizing between the Chinese and Japanese versions (we've decided to follow the Japanese versions, but we're using Chinese character names). Of course, thanks also to MrEngenious for QCing. And yes, I'm still recruiting: I'd like to see some good cleaners / typesetters / generalized editors, but I doubt I'll get lucky.

Since MangaToshokan has officially shut down, I no longer support any read online sites. Use them at your own risk.


Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c7

Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c7

saru's a huge perv.

On a slightly unrelated note, if you think you're good enough to join Pure, send me an email and I'll toss you a test in your area of choice. I'm looking for staff, but only those who I don't need to spend ages on training. Thus, if you suck, you need not apply. If you can't find my email, you're too stupid to join and thus need not apply. If you're going to flake in a month, you need not apply ad nauseum.


Zombie Romanticism v1c2

Zombie Romanticism v1c2
itadakimasu~ | IRC | DDL

What happened to all those old-school zombies who used to say "Braaiiinns..."? Now we're stuck with all these newfangled strange ones.

As always, Macurai was in charge of this one and any thanks should be directed to him. Story is unfolding quite nicely, I think.

Quick note: covers were scanned, so nab c1 again if you're interested in those.

As for release rules,
[12:45:07] <!Macurai> If it's not from a bot, DDL or MT I don't support it.

Peony Pavilion v1c2

Peony Pavilion v1c2:
The Male Phoenix Seeks His Mate


More Peony Pavilion for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy.

Thanks should again be extended to blazing_ice of Shinnen and Flyer for the great job with the translation, and to Chara of bwys for excellent job both cleaning and typesetting.

Unlike other releases, I would much prefer this one be read in its full quality. I highly advise against sites that compress as this will detract greatly from the quality of this beautiful piece of work. If at all possible, please ask friends to read this from a download and at full size instead of on a compressed online reader.


Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c6

Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c6

More delicious thighs.

Blame any and all delays, perceived or otherwise, on people in polyester jerseys running around with their stupid ball on the field interrupting the wonderful cacophony of a vuvuzela concert.

saru is the man.

As previously stated, my new release policy is that I'm not liable ever.

China Girl v1c1

China Girl v1c1
Version 2

I hate redraws.

Translation and proofing were done by Shinnen around two thousand years ago and it took me just about that long to do just about none of the redraws. Thanks to RaE666 for popping by and offering up redrawing help; definitely needed it this time around. Oh, and thanks to Macurai of Itadakimasu~ for uploading to my bot. Kiririn was being quite tsuntsun today.

New release rules, folks. Upload anywhere, everywhere, whatever. I simply don't care. However, if this series gets licenced, I expect it to be all taken down, and I cannot be held liable for any releases floating around the internet that were not specifically my doing. Only two sanctioned sites are my DDL link and the RO at MangaToshokan; all others have absolutely nothing to do with me.

EDIT: Well, that's embarrassing. I'd originally thought the mangaka had simply gotten his world population math wrong, but apparently my translator did. It's been fixed and a v2 is now up. DDLs are up as well.


Wa! v1c5

Wa! v1c5

Oh my gah! It's Wa!

The delay between c5 and c4 is largely my fault =_=" so I'd like to apologize... Weroth had Real LifeTM obligations to take care of, so he was unable to continue translating. After that, I floated around for a month translator-less, until Aku from #translators agreed to translate it. He got around halfway before he had to stop, so Macurai of Itadakimasu~ and delacroix01 picked up the slack. Long story short, translator woes.

I believe I'll have a relatively consistent translator from Wa! for here on out, so hopefully releases will be more frequent. No promises though...

Release rules, blah blah blah, IRC blah blah first 12 hours. Blah blah DDL blah blah read online at MangaToshokan blah blah. Blah blah refrain from uploading this to any other read-online resource for 48 hours blah blah.

EDIT: God I'm a failure; p14 added to the archive. DDL up as an apology.


Honoka Lv. Up! v1c1

Honoka Lv. Up! v1c1:
The First Chance

Fun times to be had: I present to you Honoka Lv. Up!, a cute story about an aspiring artist who joins the video game industry. Formerly scanlated by Ala-Atra, they apparently dropped this series when they found they didn't have enough editors. This took a bit of time to edit for me; I obtained superior raws (donate, donate please~) and spent a good bit of time playing with leveling, so that means releases for this series will not be quick, even though translations up to c5 are available.

As per usual, this will be available exclusively on IRC on Kirino-chan for approximately the first 12 hours. DDL will be up after that period, as will read online at MangaToshokan. Of course, please refrain from uploading this to any other read-online resource for 48 hours.


Peony Pavilion v1c1

Peony Pavilion v1c1:
Peony Pavilion

I am excessively proud to present to you Peony Pavilion, a Chinese manhua by the artist 夏达 (Xia Da) based on ancient Chinese poetry. Lots of people I need to thank for the success of this project: first to Kaens and Yuu from #translators / #tl for introducing this manhua to me. blazing_ice of Shinnen did an absolutely astounding job translating this, managing to retain a great deal of the original poetry (though the rhyme and meter are unfortunately lost). Of course, I have to thank all the various people I kidnapped to TL check this, like my good friend Flyer and other assorted people who didn't want to be mentioned (not you, Yuu). The scans are beautiful, as is the typesetting (Chara~). It's quite unfortunate that there were several mistakes in printing, since they detract from the art itself. I've done my best to clean out these errors, but some may remain (and I truthfully couldn't do anything about them). And of course, 谢谢,夏达。 你的画真太漂亮了。

This will be available exclusively on IRC in #pure and in #shinnen for the first bit. DDL will be up in around 12 hours, as will read online at MangaToshokan. As per the last release, please refrain from uploading this to any other read-online resource for 48 hours.


Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c5

Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c5

And here I was hoping I'd release Wa! before this, but I guess not. Disappointing...

Anyway, Ore's story is finally picking up. I personally found this chapter quite cute and funny.

Please take a look at Zombie Romanticism below and look forward to newcomers Peony Pavilion, Honoka Lv. Up!, and China Girl, all of which will be released some time in the future! I swear at least one of these will be released in a timely fashion (i.e. in the next month)...

You can download by popping into my IRC channel, saying hello, and grabbing it from Kirino-chan. Alternately, you can use the "non-profit download resource," Rapidshare screw that, DDL up. Read online at MangaToshokan will appear in 12 hours is up. Please refrain from uploading this to any other read-online resource for 48 hours.

Zombie Romanticism v1c1

Zombie Romanticism v1c1

What is this? Another zombie manga?! Seems to be the new in thing to do for mangakas these days... At least it's better than vampires.

xXKyoXx has graciously given me an IRC bot to play with (kyaa~ I'll name her Kirino-chan and all that). What does this mean? There's now a bot on IRC where you can download any Pure release. Pop by and say hi to me, and grab stuff from the bot.

Anyway, this manga is awesome. This project is the child of Macurai (of Itadakimasu~) so please, any and all credit should go to him directly. I've really got nothing further to say, so go to Itadakimasu~'s site and enjoy!

Yes, yes, this is available on my lovely Kirino-chan as well, but why would you molest her when you can grab it in Macurai's channel? You can have a conversation with awesomeness-incarnate at the same time!


Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c4

Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c4

Well, well, well. I didn't release at 4:30am in the morning for me. A few notes then, while I'm still semi-coherent.

I am not stealing this project; it was mine to begin with. Doragon was slow and useless for typesetting and redrawing so I gave up on him. Future releases may or may not include DBR depending on Doragon's ability to be useful in a timely manner. 

Massive amounts of thanks go to both Chara and MrEngenious who were decidedly more useful than Doragon. Which really isn't saying much, but still.

Wa! is coming up next.


White Lover

White Lover Oneshot

Ah, finally a release! I've been sick these last few weeks, so I've gotten little to no cleaning / editing done whatsoever. However, I will get right to it (yay, spring break) so you can expect some releases in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy this cute oneshot. Please use DepositFiles to download if possible so I can attempt to recoup the losses incurred when I bought tank raws (or better yet, donate~).

For anybody who cares, I've chosen a different palette of fonts this time around. I'm trying to improve my typesetting, so comments (especially critiques) are definitely welcome.


Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c3

Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c3

Apologies for the absurd delay that this release experienced. The delay is, once again, wholly Doragon's fault. I will concede, however, that his QC improved the quality dramatically; I'm suffering from a minor bout of sickness.

Next chapter may be delayed as well; our translator is moving and starting a new job, so wish her luck!


BLAZE v1c2

BLAZE v1c2:
Hesitating Mind

BLAZE might possibly be the most unscanlatable series that I have ever worked with. Redraws every other page, doubles all over the place, and 46 page chapters. Absolutely ridiculous.

Why is this here? Because in some moment of brilliance, I decided to clean this for Shinnen. And this seriously took around two-four months to clean. Please enjoy my efforts.

And no, I will no be cleaning any more of this. I'm quite done with this, thank you...

Enough of my ranting. Enjoy.


Wa! v1c4

Wa! v1c4

Ohayo! I'm back with another wonderful chapter of Wa! for you all! No redraws on this one, so this was supposed to be quite fast. Good stuff.

Want to help? Send an email to purescans[at]gmail[dot]com. Want to donate? Button on the right. Wondering when the next release might be? Progress bars are on the right side. Anything else? Send me an email.


Wa! v1c2 [Tank]

Wa! v1c2

Roight. Here's c2 on tank scans since it was easier to clean than c1 (what can I say? I'm lazy...). Old files have been taken down, so I've removed the links on the earlier post. I was supposed to release p7 since someone emailed it to me, but I discovered that I truly was too lazy.

c1 should be out eventually, with a few cool color pages. Check the sidebar for more details on progress. c4 has been translated, so it's in proofing/editing. Finally, donations. Send them. And if you're too lazy to do that, be nice and use the DepositFiles link or something.

Also, because I'm a nitwit and completely forgot to finish redrawing/cloning one part of p13 of c3, here's the new version. The file name should be "Wa!_v01c03_13.jpg". Old .rar's have been replaced on the filehosts.

EDIT: Anon noticed p9 doubled as p8. Files on filehosts have been replaced.


Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c2

Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c2

Few notes. First, Doragon sucks at spelling names. Second, the delay is entirely Doragon's fault. Third, the raws on MangaHelpers are so far inferior to those we are editing from that I'm almost insulted that they had to be posted. Donate anyway so I can recoup my losses acquiring these awesome raws. To quote Doragon, "1600PX BITCH, EAT THAT."


Wa! v1c3

Wa! v1c3

Finally, chapter 3. Apologies for the delay. I disappeared for a period of time when I shouldn't have and was stuck on another project for a while (which I shall deliver shortly).

These are finally more professional (thanks for the awesome credit page and amazing scans, Rem). Like Ore, I spent some cash on this as well, so donate from the sidebar link.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do :D

Expect more Wa! (tank releases of chapters 1 and 2) shortly. Once I receive translations for c4, you can expect that as well.