Peony Pavilion v1c1

Peony Pavilion v1c1:
Peony Pavilion

I am excessively proud to present to you Peony Pavilion, a Chinese manhua by the artist 夏达 (Xia Da) based on ancient Chinese poetry. Lots of people I need to thank for the success of this project: first to Kaens and Yuu from #translators / #tl for introducing this manhua to me. blazing_ice of Shinnen did an absolutely astounding job translating this, managing to retain a great deal of the original poetry (though the rhyme and meter are unfortunately lost). Of course, I have to thank all the various people I kidnapped to TL check this, like my good friend Flyer and other assorted people who didn't want to be mentioned (not you, Yuu). The scans are beautiful, as is the typesetting (Chara~). It's quite unfortunate that there were several mistakes in printing, since they detract from the art itself. I've done my best to clean out these errors, but some may remain (and I truthfully couldn't do anything about them). And of course, 谢谢,夏达。 你的画真太漂亮了。

This will be available exclusively on IRC in #pure and in #shinnen for the first bit. DDL will be up in around 12 hours, as will read online at MangaToshokan. As per the last release, please refrain from uploading this to any other read-online resource for 48 hours.