Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c4

Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c4

Well, well, well. I didn't release at 4:30am in the morning for me. A few notes then, while I'm still semi-coherent.

I am not stealing this project; it was mine to begin with. Doragon was slow and useless for typesetting and redrawing so I gave up on him. Future releases may or may not include DBR depending on Doragon's ability to be useful in a timely manner. 

Massive amounts of thanks go to both Chara and MrEngenious who were decidedly more useful than Doragon. Which really isn't saying much, but still.

Wa! is coming up next.


White Lover

White Lover Oneshot

Ah, finally a release! I've been sick these last few weeks, so I've gotten little to no cleaning / editing done whatsoever. However, I will get right to it (yay, spring break) so you can expect some releases in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy this cute oneshot. Please use DepositFiles to download if possible so I can attempt to recoup the losses incurred when I bought tank raws (or better yet, donate~).

For anybody who cares, I've chosen a different palette of fonts this time around. I'm trying to improve my typesetting, so comments (especially critiques) are definitely welcome.