Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c3

Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c3

Apologies for the absurd delay that this release experienced. The delay is, once again, wholly Doragon's fault. I will concede, however, that his QC improved the quality dramatically; I'm suffering from a minor bout of sickness.

Next chapter may be delayed as well; our translator is moving and starting a new job, so wish her luck!


BLAZE v1c2

BLAZE v1c2:
Hesitating Mind

BLAZE might possibly be the most unscanlatable series that I have ever worked with. Redraws every other page, doubles all over the place, and 46 page chapters. Absolutely ridiculous.

Why is this here? Because in some moment of brilliance, I decided to clean this for Shinnen. And this seriously took around two-four months to clean. Please enjoy my efforts.

And no, I will no be cleaning any more of this. I'm quite done with this, thank you...

Enough of my ranting. Enjoy.


Wa! v1c4

Wa! v1c4

Ohayo! I'm back with another wonderful chapter of Wa! for you all! No redraws on this one, so this was supposed to be quite fast. Good stuff.

Want to help? Send an email to purescans[at]gmail[dot]com. Want to donate? Button on the right. Wondering when the next release might be? Progress bars are on the right side. Anything else? Send me an email.


Wa! v1c2 [Tank]

Wa! v1c2

Roight. Here's c2 on tank scans since it was easier to clean than c1 (what can I say? I'm lazy...). Old files have been taken down, so I've removed the links on the earlier post. I was supposed to release p7 since someone emailed it to me, but I discovered that I truly was too lazy.

c1 should be out eventually, with a few cool color pages. Check the sidebar for more details on progress. c4 has been translated, so it's in proofing/editing. Finally, donations. Send them. And if you're too lazy to do that, be nice and use the DepositFiles link or something.

Also, because I'm a nitwit and completely forgot to finish redrawing/cloning one part of p13 of c3, here's the new version. The file name should be "Wa!_v01c03_13.jpg". Old .rar's have been replaced on the filehosts.

EDIT: Anon noticed p9 doubled as p8. Files on filehosts have been replaced.