Zombie Romanticism v1c2

Zombie Romanticism v1c2
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What happened to all those old-school zombies who used to say "Braaiiinns..."? Now we're stuck with all these newfangled strange ones.

As always, Macurai was in charge of this one and any thanks should be directed to him. Story is unfolding quite nicely, I think.

Quick note: covers were scanned, so nab c1 again if you're interested in those.

As for release rules,
[12:45:07] <!Macurai> If it's not from a bot, DDL or MT I don't support it.

Peony Pavilion v1c2

Peony Pavilion v1c2:
The Male Phoenix Seeks His Mate


More Peony Pavilion for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy.

Thanks should again be extended to blazing_ice of Shinnen and Flyer for the great job with the translation, and to Chara of bwys for excellent job both cleaning and typesetting.

Unlike other releases, I would much prefer this one be read in its full quality. I highly advise against sites that compress as this will detract greatly from the quality of this beautiful piece of work. If at all possible, please ask friends to read this from a download and at full size instead of on a compressed online reader.


Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c6

Ore no Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai v1c6

More delicious thighs.

Blame any and all delays, perceived or otherwise, on people in polyester jerseys running around with their stupid ball on the field interrupting the wonderful cacophony of a vuvuzela concert.

saru is the man.

As previously stated, my new release policy is that I'm not liable ever.

China Girl v1c1

China Girl v1c1
Version 2

I hate redraws.

Translation and proofing were done by Shinnen around two thousand years ago and it took me just about that long to do just about none of the redraws. Thanks to RaE666 for popping by and offering up redrawing help; definitely needed it this time around. Oh, and thanks to Macurai of Itadakimasu~ for uploading to my bot. Kiririn was being quite tsuntsun today.

New release rules, folks. Upload anywhere, everywhere, whatever. I simply don't care. However, if this series gets licenced, I expect it to be all taken down, and I cannot be held liable for any releases floating around the internet that were not specifically my doing. Only two sanctioned sites are my DDL link and the RO at MangaToshokan; all others have absolutely nothing to do with me.

EDIT: Well, that's embarrassing. I'd originally thought the mangaka had simply gotten his world population math wrong, but apparently my translator did. It's been fixed and a v2 is now up. DDLs are up as well.