Pure Scans Closing

Pure Scans is closed due to conflicts of opinion. All series are dropped. If my word means anything at all, please obey the following:

Opposed will do Ore no Imouto and China Girl c3 (only)
BWYS and Shinnen will continue Peony Pavilion
BWYS will continue Otome Youkai Zakuro and No One Knows
Kono-Basho should take over Crime Edge
Maigo will likely take over Wa
itadakimasu~ will continue Zombie Romanticism


Zombie Romanticism v1c3

Zombie Romanticism v1c3

As always, joint with itadakimasu~. We're almost done with this arc. As Macu mentions, the rest of the story is oneshots.

I need more translators and cleaners, and a QCer (visual and textual) wouldn't hurt either.


Otome Youkai Zakuro v1c1

Otome Youkai Zakuro v1c1:

New series. Joint with bwys. Not much else to say. It's supposedly seinen, but there are definitely shoujo influences if you're not into that.

Quick shoutout: bwys is looking for QCers. I'm looking for cleaners and translators.


China Girl v1c2

China Girl v1c2

There were delays. Deal with it.

Looking for QCers and translators for series that do not begin with Ore no Imout-.

In other news, the ever-lovely Chara has redesigned the blog layout. Looks nice, yes?


Wa! v1c7

Wa! v1c7

Hello everyone! I took over editing Wa! on chapter 6. I'm still learning, so Panda beats me and yells at me regularly so feel free to do the same.

A lot of people worked on this release - probably more than I remember, but just check out the credits. Also - special thanks to scrubb for some last minute translation/translation checking for me! I hope you all enjoy the chapter! Yoroshiku!

Panda's note: I need translators and editors stat. Other proofers and QCers wouldn't hurt either.


Peony Pavilion v1c4

Peony Pavilion v1c4:
Ah Jing


Lalala~ Peony~ ♥ Another chapter of the pwetty pwetty series is getting released~! ♥ Any and all delays are probably my fault *coughs and hides*

Go hug Panda, Chara, and...just all the people who worked hard on it~ And remember to bring the cookies.

Since Panda's making me post, I'm taking that as allowing me to rant about the pwettiness of Peony. It has gorgeous art. Beautiful poetry that sadly lost most of its art during translations. Full-colour. HISTORICAL. So download and read already... Don't just ignore it and get the other series. Peony's a beauty, feast for the eyes. Read it *sends waves*

...I think Panda made me do this to make me go back to Peony. o.o Evil points +5

Peony is pretty. Xia Da is awesome. ♥


Peony Pavilion v1c3

Peony Pavilion v1c3:


Ah, Peony Pavilion. Xia Da, I think I love you...

Credit goes to the usual suspects: blazing_ice of Shinnen and Flyer for the translation and Chara of bwys for both the cleaning and typesetting. Matsuri has joined us on this project to QC, so I'd also like to thank her and Macurai of itadakimasu~ for their help.

Both previous chapters have also been updated with Matsuri's grammatical expertise. Grab these new versions either via DDL in the old newsposts or on IRC.