China Girl v1c1

China Girl v1c1
Version 2

I hate redraws.

Translation and proofing were done by Shinnen around two thousand years ago and it took me just about that long to do just about none of the redraws. Thanks to RaE666 for popping by and offering up redrawing help; definitely needed it this time around. Oh, and thanks to Macurai of Itadakimasu~ for uploading to my bot. Kiririn was being quite tsuntsun today.

New release rules, folks. Upload anywhere, everywhere, whatever. I simply don't care. However, if this series gets licenced, I expect it to be all taken down, and I cannot be held liable for any releases floating around the internet that were not specifically my doing. Only two sanctioned sites are my DDL link and the RO at MangaToshokan; all others have absolutely nothing to do with me.

EDIT: Well, that's embarrassing. I'd originally thought the mangaka had simply gotten his world population math wrong, but apparently my translator did. It's been fixed and a v2 is now up. DDLs are up as well.