Wa! v1c5

Wa! v1c5

Oh my gah! It's Wa!

The delay between c5 and c4 is largely my fault =_=" so I'd like to apologize... Weroth had Real LifeTM obligations to take care of, so he was unable to continue translating. After that, I floated around for a month translator-less, until Aku from #translators agreed to translate it. He got around halfway before he had to stop, so Macurai of Itadakimasu~ and delacroix01 picked up the slack. Long story short, translator woes.

I believe I'll have a relatively consistent translator from Wa! for here on out, so hopefully releases will be more frequent. No promises though...

Release rules, blah blah blah, IRC blah blah first 12 hours. Blah blah DDL blah blah read online at MangaToshokan blah blah. Blah blah refrain from uploading this to any other read-online resource for 48 hours blah blah.

EDIT: God I'm a failure; p14 added to the archive. DDL up as an apology.