Zombie Romanticism v1c1

Zombie Romanticism v1c1

What is this? Another zombie manga?! Seems to be the new in thing to do for mangakas these days... At least it's better than vampires.

xXKyoXx has graciously given me an IRC bot to play with (kyaa~ I'll name her Kirino-chan and all that). What does this mean? There's now a bot on IRC where you can download any Pure release. Pop by and say hi to me, and grab stuff from the bot.

Anyway, this manga is awesome. This project is the child of Macurai (of Itadakimasu~) so please, any and all credit should go to him directly. I've really got nothing further to say, so go to Itadakimasu~'s site and enjoy!

Yes, yes, this is available on my lovely Kirino-chan as well, but why would you molest her when you can grab it in Macurai's channel? You can have a conversation with awesomeness-incarnate at the same time!