No One Knows v1c1

No One Knows
~What Confucius did not speak of~

v01c01: Cocoon


I am extremely pleased to present to you another of Xia Da's projects, No One Knows ~What Confucius did not speak of~.

This is a joint with bwys: lovely editing from Chara and scanning from Maris. I also want to thank blazing_ice for more wonderful translations and to Elkin for standardizing between the Chinese and Japanese versions (we've decided to follow the Japanese versions, but we're using Chinese character names). Of course, thanks also to MrEngenious for QCing. And yes, I'm still recruiting: I'd like to see some good cleaners / typesetters / generalized editors, but I doubt I'll get lucky.

Since MangaToshokan has officially shut down, I no longer support any read online sites. Use them at your own risk.