Wa! v1c2 [Tank]

Wa! v1c2

Roight. Here's c2 on tank scans since it was easier to clean than c1 (what can I say? I'm lazy...). Old files have been taken down, so I've removed the links on the earlier post. I was supposed to release p7 since someone emailed it to me, but I discovered that I truly was too lazy.

c1 should be out eventually, with a few cool color pages. Check the sidebar for more details on progress. c4 has been translated, so it's in proofing/editing. Finally, donations. Send them. And if you're too lazy to do that, be nice and use the DepositFiles link or something.

Also, because I'm a nitwit and completely forgot to finish redrawing/cloning one part of p13 of c3, here's the new version. The file name should be "Wa!_v01c03_13.jpg". Old .rar's have been replaced on the filehosts.

EDIT: Anon noticed p9 doubled as p8. Files on filehosts have been replaced.