Wa! v1c2

Wa! v1c2

More Wa! for all of your enjoyment.

Page 7 is missing. If someone can find me a Japanese raw for that (the Chinese/Korean scanlation of that page looks horrid because they replaced the sfx), I'd be eternally thankful. If that happens, I'll release a v3. Either way, when I release tank scanlations, the page will be there.

Page 15 is a reference to Street Fighter. Since I haven't played it, I can't elaborate much, but from what I know, it's got something to do with a typo and a move. If anybody else cares to explain, I may copypaste their superior explanation here.

Blah blah blah contact me blah blah blah purescans[at]gmail[dot]com. Blah blah blah.

EDIT: Pedophile has forced a v2. Go thank him.