Wa! v1c1

Wa! v1c1
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Wa! I really enjoyed editing this cute and funny 4koma!

A TL and raws were available on MangaHelpers, so I thought I'd do it the honors... I don't technically have permission to use the TLs, but it was on MangaHelpers without restrictions, so I just went ahead anyway. weroth, if you want this removed, just drop me a line.

I didn't really get a second pair of eyes on this. If there are any errors that need fixing, pop me an email or drop a comment. A v2 may be in sight...

I still can be contacted at purescans[at]gmail[dot]com if you're at all interested in helping. I'm also still open to bitching and thanks; whatever floats your boat!

EDIT: As I thought, there was an error. On p21, instead of "all", there was "al". I've replaced the download links with a fixed version, if anybody cares.